Weeds Bloody Weeds

Winter weeds! Take hours to pull and are back in fine force within a week! I’m trying some Euci-mulch to keep them at bay for a little while. I did have pea straw which I love but it rots down so quickly that the weeds are growing through it within a month or so. How do you control your weeds?


Weed mats?


Constant pulling?

Weed killer?

What’s your weed survival guide?

IMG_9115 IMG_9120

Before                                              After


Before (ahh, so many!)                                      After

2 thoughts on “Weeds Bloody Weeds

  1. Generally I dig them out weed by weed, try to get them when they are really small.
    During the summer (I’m in Queensland) it’s too darn hot to get into the garden as often as I would like so I cover my allotment with a layer of straw and that seems to keep the weeds down.

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