Help! What is wrong with my carrots?! These are my Dutch carrots. The soil they grew in is incredibly fliable so they shouldn’t have had any trouble pushing through. I’ve read that you should keep your carrots on the dry side to encourage them to dig deep for water. Perhaps they were too dry and decided to dig sideways for water?? They taste yummy still but it’s hard to get all the dirt out from their intricate shapes. Straight carrots would be a lot easier!

4 thoughts on “Help!

  1. Well, they’re certainly interesting this way. I’m told the best way to make them grow straight is to use a broom handle to poke a carrot sized hole in the soil, fill that with pure compost (not too wet), and then sow directly into the top of the compost. The broom handle and compost ‘suggest’ the easy way down for the seedlings to grow. It’s worth a try, I suppose?

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