Crop Rotation

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I’ve still got lots to learn about crop rotation but I think I’ve got the basics: Don’t plant the same genus of plant after you’ve harvested. I’m sure there are many more rules and tips to get the best crop. Like planting carrots after brassicas because brassicas are hungry and eat up all the nitrogen and carrots don’t like too much nitrogen/nutrients in general because that promotes foliage and you’ll get a top heavy crop. Although, I planted carrots after broccoli and the carrots were crazy and small. Basically, I’ve made a spreadsheet so I remember what I’ve planted where and I’ll avoid planting the same genus in the same spot for consecutive crops. I’ll learn all the detailed goodness as I go.

Question: should I not have planted my chillies next to my tomatoes? I didn’t even think of that! I know it wasn’t ideal to plant the carrots and celery next to each other, so I guess the same would apply for chillies and tomatoes? Whoops. More lessons learnt!

2 thoughts on “Crop Rotation

  1. I’ve always put tomatoes and chillies together. They’re both fruiting plants, rather than root or leaf producers. Never had any problem with that. It’s good to rotate but there are very few absolute rules – things WILL grow, but rotation helps them reach their best. The only thing you mustn’t do is plant potatoes and brassicas in the same spot every year. And remember that turnips are brassicas, not root vegetables – I know, I know, it’s weird.

  2. Phew. That’s good to know. I must say I’ve never read not to put tomatoes and chillis together but I just had the thought that if one gets a disease, it’ll spread through the whole vegie box because they’re all the same family. For know I’ll just KISS (keep it simple, stupid).

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