Lemon Tree Update

My lemon tree (the first plant to be planted in our garden) was sad for about a year. It had curled up yellow leaves and any lemons it would try to make just shriveled up and turned black.


I got advice on it from so many sources with diagnoses ranging from magnesium deficiency to insect problems to cold roots not taking up the nutrients. In a last attempt to make it happy I’ve ignored the feeding regimes on the seasol products and epsom salts and just thrown everything at it, including getting all my male friends to use it as their piss station at our latest gathering. And it’s looking better!

unnamed (1)

The new leaves are happy and green!


It’s even got lots of lemons on it that are yet to shrivel up and die!

I’ve got high hopes for this lemon tree now. I hope I can keep it happy. I wish I knew what the problem was. It could just be that the weather’s warmed up now so it’s able to take up the nutrients better. Hopefully I can establish it enough over summer that it’ll survive another winter, if that is the problem.

4 thoughts on “Lemon Tree Update

  1. Oh, hurray! It does look much, much happier. It’s probably impossible to pin down any one reason for its improvement, but the net result is what you wanted! I do recommend that your male guests continue to, er, contribute, however. It’s a classic remedy, and citrus trees are very nutrient-hungry.

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