Caterpillar Heaven


Well, my bok choy is coming along nicely.. if it wasn’t for the damn caterpillars eating it all! I don’t like using pesticides on my vegies but picking them off every day just isn’t working! What are some good tips for caterpillar control? I want to have some of this bok choy for myself!

2 thoughts on “Caterpillar Heaven

  1. You could try white oil, chilli spray (home made: chop up a hot chilli and put the bits in soapy water) or strong jets of water, but my preferred method has been to keep the white cabbage butterfly parents at bay so they don’t lay the eggs that hatch into the caterpillars. Fine netting is tops, but next time you could try planting broad beans in the same area; the white flowers seem to fool the butterflies into thinking the territory is ‘taken’ by another butterfly. I do sympathise, I have huge grasshoppers eating even huger holes in everything, and no matter how often you flick them off, they come straight back.

  2. Thanks Kate. You have a solution for everything! I like your broad bean option for next time. Very clever. Grasshoppers sound extra annoying. Thank god we don’t get many down here!

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