Got Worms?


I’ve been pondering this question for a little while, and then remembered I can ask my blogging community! (Love it!)

Between crop 1 and crop 2 of my raised vegetable garden beds I gave the soil a good turn over and top up. All of the soil in these beds has been bought. I noticed between crops that I only saw a few worms. Then I wondered how would worms naturally get there in the first place? So my question is, should I buy worms for these beds? Or will they eventually, magically appear? I’m not sure how the few that are there now got there? Maybe birds dropped them?

Advice and comments please! Thanks fellow gardeners! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Got Worms?

  1. What’s in the bottom of the raised bed? Is the soil in contact with the ground below, or did you run the plastic across the bottom as well as round the sides? If it’s across the bottom, bash some holes through the plastic with a sharp pointy thing and the worms will come when they smell the tasty contents of the raised bed. This will help with drainage anyway. If the soil is directly on the ground beneath, they’ll come by themselves. Buying earthworms is rather futile, since if they like the conditions, they’ll come by themselves, and if they don’t any wrigglers you buy will disappear pronto. So long as there’s some, the good work is being done.

    1. Thanks Kate. The beds are in contact with the soil below. Plus I was thinking, dad gets worms in his gutters so access to knee high beds shouldn’t be a problem. I did let the soil get pretty dry between crops so I’ll make sure to keep it moist and hopefully they’ll come pouring up/in.

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