My First Summer Veg/Fruit!

The past four days my garden inspections have occurred after night duty in a half daze, and it seems I’ve missed a lot! I strolled out today after a decent post night duty sleep to find tomatoes! My first little tomato babies! And there are lots of them! (I also found a giant caterpillar on my beet greens which had gone under my radar). These guys are called “Burnley Sure Crop” and since I live in Burnley, I shouldn’t be surprised that the fruit is jumping off them! I planted them a bit late because I wanted my previous crop to finish up so I could top up the soil in my vegie boxes, so I was a little worried and kept going around tapping the flowers to fertilise them in case the bees and the wind hadn’t done the job for me. I’ve also got a Roma which has a few tomato babies on it too. Can’t wait to eat them!


My chillies hadn’t entirely gone under my radar, but I did find a lot more popping through than I knew about. I bought my partner some extra hot chilli sauce for Christmas, made out of Naga Jolokia chillies (the hottest you can get) with a scoville rating of 800,000 so I hope we’re not completely immune to spice by the time these guys are ready to be eaten!


5 thoughts on “My First Summer Veg/Fruit!

      1. Huge brown bastards the size of my thumb, AND the tiny green ones that are so hard to see on leaves… apart from them, only a bad case of woolly aphids on my portulacas, which are now totally bald. Just waiting to see what the Wet will bring…

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