Post Night Duty Crazy Woman

Mostly, after night duty I get home, scoff down some vita brits, collapse into bed and fall asleep within 30 seconds. Occasionally, I have a burst of energy and feel like I can stay awake forever. This morning has been the latter. I washed and vacuumed my car before I even got home! I’ve also done the grocery shopping, the dusting and watered the garden. I thought I’d top off my energetic morning with a blog post before my post night duty crazy woman energy wears off.


A cute little thing that looked like a baby grey pray mantis bit me while I was watering the garden. I felt the sting and went to swat whatever was causing it but quickly stopped when I saw this cute little critter on my hand. Lucky he was cute!

While I was watering the garden (and recovering from my mysterious sting) I was thinking about how fast everything grows. I put up a before and after photo of my vegie boxes after 3 weeks (Next Crop Update: 3 Weeks On..) 3 weeks ago, so I thought it was time for another 3 week update.


This is the original crop, planted on November 25.


This is what the crop looks like 6 weeks later. Though the tomatoes are staked, we’ve had a few windy days and they’ve blown every which way, including half way out of the vegie box! They’re still happy though. The chillies beyond them, though you can’t see them, are huge as well. The bok choy has been replaced with spring onions just last week. The beets are looking ready to be sampled, and I’ve been eating the lettuce for lunch every day in my turkey wrap (my new favourite lunch).

I’m thinking my next post will be some beetroot delectable delight. Love love love beetroot! Can’t wait!

Ok, I think it’s time to collapse into bed. Good night/morning.

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