“The Plants Are Wearing Hats”

This week in Melbourne we had 4 days in a row over 42 degrees, all sunny, no rain. Some of the plants started getting burnt leaves so I put tea towels and rags over them to help protect them from the harsh, hot, unrelenting sun. My partner came home from work and said “the plants are wearing hats”. Love it!


Magnolia in the blue “hat” and an unknown plant that was here when we moved in in the red hat.


Azalea wearing the chux hat.

The hats helped a bit (unless it was windy!) and the garden survived the heat fairly well. All except for a baby Lilly Pilly which got burnt to a crisp and only has half a dozen green leaves left. I watered it in the morning and thought how well it was growing, had my post night duty lay-in-my-hot-bedroom-with-the-fan-on-not-sleeping and by the afternoon all the leaves had dried up and burnt. Hence putting “hats” on anything else that looked like it was starting to burn. Hope it comes good again!

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