Unidentified Flying Bug

Does anyone know what these buggers are and how I get rid of them? They’re on my Swan River Pea and a Callistemon, so it seems they’ve got a thing for natives.


They’re tiny, brown bugs that can fly and they make little webs to stick leaves together, then hide in the leaves. This makes it impossible to get rid of them with spray, and there are just too many to go around picking them off.


They also seem to have eaten some of the leaves of the Swan River Pea.


And they stick clumps of leaves together. On the Callistemon, they especially love new leaves and buds, and as a result, this Callistemon has never flowered. Any advice??

2 thoughts on “Unidentified Flying Bug

  1. I got them on the citrus trees, and stopped the spread with a spray of soapy water followed by white oil. The lime tree still has curled, gummed up leaves, but the little buggers have moved on.

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