Oh No, Aphids! :(

After a few days away, I’ve come home to water and inspect the garden, only to discover yet another pest has come to play. Black aphids on my lime tree! I hate aphids! They’re so infesting!

unnamed (4)

I cut off all the shoots I could see with aphids or eggs on them (which actually weren’t many, looks like I get in early!). Then I squashed the aphids and eggs with my gloved fingers because I’ve read that squashed aphids give off a scent to deter other aphids. Then I got out my trusty spray bottle and sprayed the whole tree with one part vegetable oil, two parts water, and some dishwashing detergent to get it to mix. This will hopefully suffocate any aphids I’ve missed. I’ve moved the tree out of the sun so the leaves don’t get burned from the oil magnifying the light. Over the next few days I’ll spray garlic and water to deter any aphids coming back. I have seen plenty of lady bugs in our garden so hopefully they’ll help me fight this war too!

unnamed (3)

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