The Disadvantage Of Worms

I was so excited to see that the worms had decided to grace my vegetable boxes with their presence after several months of having worm-free bought soil. However, I’ve now discovered the disadvantages of wormy soil.. Birds!


Every day I’d go out to check of my vegetables and see that the birds had dug holes around them, looking for worms, and all my little seedlings were dug up too.

unnamed (1)

I finally had a day off work where I could pop down to Bunnings and pick up more netting and some bamboo stakes to create a low net.

unnamed (2)

Once the seedlings were big enough to withstand the odd dig from a pesky bird I took the net off. Without the net I can see the vegies much easier and inspect for caterpillars and white flies, plus the vegies get more sun and are easier to harvest! Here I have leeks, cos lettuce and beetroot. I’ve just watered them for the first time after being away for three nights so they’re usually less droopy than this! They’ll pick up again in an hour or so. 🙂


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