Final Attempt, Mr Meyer


This has been a long saga and has been the subject of several blog posts including:

Lemon Tree Diagnosis?

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Lemon Tree Update (Again)

My parents gave us this Meyer Lemon Tree soon after we moved into our house. It was the first plant we planted in our “blank canvas” of a backyard. We had an established Meyer lemon at the house we rented before moving to this one and the fruit was stunning. So much flavour! But this lemon tree has never been happy. It’s been a year and a half of feeding, pest controlling and generally giving it lots of love and attention and it still looks like this. We have clay, poorly drained soil, which is likely it’s main problem. So, thanks to the suggestion of Kate I’ve potted it. This way it’ll have well drained, well fertilised soil, it can stay in it’s full sun position, and will hopefully have nothing to complain about! If this doesn’t work I’m giving up for sure!


After a year and a half in the ground it’s roots are pretty dismal. This doesn’t give me confidence.


I gave the roots a good rinse off in case of any nasties amongst them.


The pot is 55L and matches the lime tree pot on the other side of the vegie boxes. If Mr Meyer thrives I can get a bigger pot, or even attempt to plant it again. But we’ll cross that bridge if we get to it! The only thing it can complain about now it being a bit more exposed to the wind. We’ll hopefully be replacing our fence soon and the temporary fence behind it will go so that should keep it pretty sheltered. In the mean time I’ll just focus on keeping it watered just the right amount and keeping the pests away. I bought good quality potting mix so it shouldn’t need any food for a month or so. Hopefully my next lemon tree post with have photos of luscious green, happy, healthy leaves!

7 thoughts on “Final Attempt, Mr Meyer

  1. Good luck! I picked my first ripe lemon today, the excitement was huge! There are 5 more on my tiny tree, in varying stages of green/yellowness. I feel a lemon cheesecake coming on….

  2. I think your lemon tree has more foliage than it has got roots. If it is showing some signs of degeneration after potting it up, I would suggest removing the fruits, and reducing the foliage.
    People says a garden is never complete without a lemon tree. I am on the same page with you when it comes to struggling with citrus.

  3. I just got my first Meyer for Mother’s Day. Because of our weather my little tree will be a potted and indoors, but I am just so excited to get my first lemon. 🙂

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