Goodbye Beautiful Boronia :(


The moment I told my parents that I bought a Boronia they made sounds and faces of caution and concern. They told me that they’re hard to grow and they tend to die. But my Boronia thrived from the moment I planted it. It quadrupled in size within a year, had beautiful, healthy, perfumed green leaves and stunning purple/blue flowers. It’s called “Blue Waves” and I thought it was particularly special. When it wasn’t flowering I’d run my hands through it’s soft green leaves and inhale the lovely perfume off my hands. But as usual, my parents were right. Over the last few weeks it’s lovely green has become duller and duller until they’re crispy.


We’ve had a fair bit of rain lately and it’s feet are quite wet. It has survived through having wet feet in the past, not sure why this time is different. Maybe it’s just because it’s a Boronia and has stayed true to it’s reputation of being short lived. I’m not pulling it up yet in case of some miraculous recovery – here’s hoping!

One thought on “Goodbye Beautiful Boronia :(

  1. I hate that. While I was away, my Bugle died. No idea why, but I returned to a soggy pile of leaves instead of the lush purplish-green mat and dark blue flower spikes I’d left. Are you going to try again, in a different place?

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