Gardening With Eva And Lily


These are my nieces. The lady in purple is Eva and the lady in red is Lily. They were immunised this morning and it was very very sad. In attempt to cheer them up and distract them my sister and I took them straight from the doctor’s clinic to Bunnings to choose some pretty flowers to plant. Eva’s favourite colour is purple so she of course chose the purple flower in the purple pot. Lily’s favourite colour is pink but she momentarily forgot this and chose a yellow chrysanthemum.


We planted the plants step by step into pots and the girls were involved through the whole process. Their favourite step was “tickling the roots”, which tended to evolve into “ripping the roots out” before some quick intervention.


Though it all looks very neat in this photo, everyone got very dirty, which is what it’s all about. The girls got amongst it, feeling the cool, rich potting mix with their bare hands, touching the delicate flowers, watering the plants and watching the soil turn to mud. And the beauty of gardening is that it doesn’t stop at planting. Now they can help water their plants and watch them grow. They’ve already grown tomatoes in their miniature vegie patch too. Not bad for nearly 3 years old!

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