Blue Bird Poo?

I’m really just procrastinating about painting the cupboards of our butler’s pantry with sticky, enamel paint. For someone who hates painting, I sure do a lot of it! Ah, the joys of buying a 1890’s unrenovated house!

On my way to the shed to grab our giant bottle of turps, I walked past a larger than usual amount of blue bird poo. I first saw blue bird poo when my last crop of beets were attacked by something that created beak-like indentations in the beets. For the next few days there was blue bird poo everywhere. Suspicious?


This time round my beets appear to be intact. Perhaps someone else’s beets are being eaten nearby? Or perhaps there’s a whole other explanation for this recurring blue bird poo? It’s certainly more fun than normal old white bird poo. Sorry, there’s the nurse-who-gets-excited-about-poo coming out there.

Anyway, back to painting 😦

One thought on “Blue Bird Poo?

  1. It’s usually fruit at this time of year: blackberries, blueberries or mulberries. Always a favourite when it appears on your clean washing… Fortunately I no longer live in a climate where poo is bloo! (Too hot for those fruits). Now I have to put up with orange, khaki and green. And it’s not just birds, it’s flying foxes too, which make a considerably larger contribution!

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