Lemon Tree Update #3127 (or so it feels)

Well, I’ve fed it everything under the sun, I’ve taken every slight inkling of a pest off, I’ve given it sunshine, water, love, urine, until I finally gave up, bare rooted it and put it in a well drained pot with expensive potting mix especially for citrus. 3 and a bit weeks on it repays me by turning the 3 measelly lemons yellow. No new growth. No sign of ever being a happy lemon tree. I’ve done my best Mr Meyer, but I think it’s time to replace you. I say that with a heavy heart 😦


On the plus side, one of my orchids has decided to flower! A little early there Mr Orchid?


8 thoughts on “Lemon Tree Update #3127 (or so it feels)

  1. Don’t give up just yet. I’ve heard some citrus trees do that. Sulk for years and then decided to take off just like that. Perhaps you should just ignore if for a while and let it do its thing. I noticed the surface is bare soil, I would suggest giving it a good mulch that will stay moist all the time to keep the roots that is just under the soil surface healthy. My Lemon Yen Ben and Lime Bearrs took a year to come right after I cut them back to a whip. I believe keeping the soil surface moist is the key, apart from sheltering it from wind.

    1. Thanks Justin. I must say I couldn’t bear to throw it out just yet anyway so I’m relieved to see your comment. Will get it some nice mulch. I’d been putting it off because we’ve had a fair bit of rain since I potted it and it’s always put up with having wet feet in my boggy, poorly drained soil. But mulch will give it some extra nutrients too like you say.

  2. Don’t give up! Your lemons did turn yellow, so clearly something has improved. It’s been going through a hard time recently, and it’s heading into winter – or at least, cooler weather. Let it rest up and have a think. And I think Justin’s right, some nice mulch on top of a really good watering is a great idea. I’m a great fan of sugar cane mulch, it’s full of nice stuff.

      1. I’ve always found some threatening words help as you tuck it up lovingly. Something along the lines of “grow, you b…..d, or I’ll feed you to the worms”. Tough love…

      2. Haha. Tried that too. Thankfully I live next door to my cousins so they already know I’m weird (otherwise they might think it’s a rather curious conversation)!

  3. You make me Laugh! Yes, growing Citrus is a &^%$#@ (no actual word needed, just a general feeling)! I moved Mr Lots O’ Lemons in summer because it was too hot – was rewarded with a flourish of new growth. Now with days shorter and lots of sheltered light, Lemon Tree is suffering again – looking sickly with sparse foliage – and needs to be moved back. I guess they need our understanding (also like the idea of a few harsh words too). Good Luck!

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