First And Last Lemons?

I finally decided to pick the two tiny lemons that my lemon tree managed to produce before they fall off and die like all the leaves have. (Yes, my lemon tree is still hanging in there but looking worse and worse as the weeks go by. I keep telling myself we’ve had a cold winter with some frosty days and it’ll come good when it warms up again. I’ll certainly let you know if I’m right! If you don’t hear anything from me by mid summer, don’t mention the lemon tree!)

unnamed (4)

Although small, the lemons actually look and smell great! Very juicy. If only there were more… 😦

unnamed (6)

Thought I’d do the first taste test with a good ol’ lemon in water drink. I did consider a GnT but I’m not a massive fan of gin or tonic so water it is! And it’s not bad at all if I might say so. Let’s hope I get some more home grown lemons to tart up my water one of these days!

One thought on “First And Last Lemons?

  1. Oh dear, after you’ve cosseted it so much… To be honest, mine isn’t looking too flash right now, but I’m hoping that a new home in the ground will perk it up, and that having chicken poo in endless quantities will bring the lemons!

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