Epic Vegetable Soup

Everyone around me is sick! My boyfriend, my parents, my sister, the ward clerk at work, the nursing student I’ve been buddied with, even one of my patients has the sniffles! I’m proud to say I’ve got a pretty bloody awesome immune system but this much exposure to colds and flu is worrying me a tad. I’m not a fan of taking tablets (despite my boyfriend’s frustrated encouragement…

A common conversation in our house:
Me: “I’ve had this headache all day and I’m really getting sick of it!” (pardon the pun).
Adam: “Have you taken any panadol?”
Me: *sheepishly* “No.”
Adam: “Well, don’t complain then.”).

So, instead of popping a bunch of vitamin tablets I thought I’d make an epic vegetable soup. Something in this has gotta boost my “immune system of steel” (as I refer to it) and fight off all these extra bugs that surround me daily. Plus, I want to help cure my boyfriend. I actually feel genuinely sympathetic towards his cold/flu (I’m usually the typical nurse who’s seen worse and therefore doesn’t care). He’s had fevers up to 38.3 degrees and feels like shit and he really doesn’t have time to be sick because he’s really busy with work, so he’s been soldiering on and delivery presentations interstate between coughing fits. There’s gotta be some miracle cure for him amongst the 13 vegies in this soup!

unnamed (5)

Looking at this picture, I really need more bench space! That’s literally the size of my bench! No wonder my cooking often extends to the kitchen table.

Beetroot (my last one)
Red Capsicum
Green Capsicum
Chilli (the unfortunate non spicy type that grow in my garden)
Olive Oil
Vegetable Stock
Tinned Tomatoes (Diced)
2 x Cans Of Chickpeas

Dice all vegies. Heat oil in the largest saucepan you have. Add onion and garlic. Cook for about 3 mins. Add turmeric, cumin, pumpkin, potato, carrots, beetroot, red capsicum, green capsicum, celery and chilli and stir. Add tinned tomatoes and chickpeas. Add 5 cups of vegetable stock and enough boiling water so that all the vegies are coated. Bring to the boil, then simmer, uncovered, for 30 minutes or until vegies are soft. Add beans, cauliflower, zucchini (and extra water if required). Cook for a further 5 mins. Stir in parsley (and coriander if you like – I’m sure this would taste nice but I’m not a fan of coriander). Add pepper to taste. Serve with some crusty bread and watch your cold and/or flu dissipate with each mouthful!



One thought on “Epic Vegetable Soup

  1. Sounds like one of my soups, the kind where I ‘cook the fridge’. If that doesn’t restore health I don’t know what will! Except perhaps adding a tablespoonful of curry paste – I’ve always found curry to have magical curative powers. You bust a sweat, your nose runs like made and the endorphins crank up in response to the heat of the chilli and ginger. Stay well!

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