Any Brussels Sprouts In There?

unnamed (4)

So my brussels sprouts have looked amazing from the very start and they keep getting bigger and bigger, at least the leaves have. I planted them over a month ago. Are they going to give me any brussels sprouts? I’ve got little bleb things but they’ve taken ages and they’re still tiny. Are they going to become brussels sprouts or just more leaves?

unnamed (5)

Am I missing something? Do I need a boy and a girl brussels sprout plant or something funky like that? Or do I just need to be patient? I’m really looking forward to eating some homegrown sprouts! (cooked in lots of butter and bacon of course).


2 thoughts on “Any Brussels Sprouts In There?

  1. It’s the blebs (love the word!). Patience…. all the brassica family take forever (except Chinese cabbage). I hope it’s not too warm by the time they’re a bit larger, otherwise your sprouts will be floppy and open, as opposed to nice and tight. Back in the UK, the saying was that sprouts weren’t worth eating till after the first frost….

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