The Joy Of Builders

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Our fence was never the sturdiest or straightest looking fence, but since our neighbours started building next door it’s looking a little more worse for wear. We’ve been waiting and waiting for the building works to finish so we can get a new fence. I’m glad we waited because the builders aren’t the most careful (as you can see from the state of our existing fence). Since they started building my brand new, very special and lovely blue Mazda 3 has received a dint in the front door and a broken bonnet protector. It may not have been the builders who did this of course, but the timing was very suspicious. Especially when you combine the fact that my other neighbour saw them trying to pick up a car with three of them lifting it from the front and a guy in a truck nudging it from the back. Yes, we live on a busy street and it’s difficult to find parking, but if you need to park a truck put some bloody witches hats out the night before!

For a while I was going outside with a hammer on a regular basis, knocking the pickets back in place after the builders have been a little rough with the fence, but now I’ve accepted its bedraggled state. It does look particularly ugly in this photo because the kick-board was pushed in along with a whole lot of dirt when the slab was getting laid next door so we’ve scored a nice long lawn along the fence. I’ve pulled out all the greenery now (a bin and a half later – like the rabbit on our bin??) so it’s looking a little tidier.

Once the builders finish wrecking everything we can get a new fence (and shed) and therefore a puppy! So look forward to seeing posts all about how our lovely bundle of joy has destroyed our garden next. Can’t wait! 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Joy Of Builders

  1. And will you be able to get the neighbours on that side to contribute a share of the new fence costs? Seems only fair after the disturbance, damage and general mess. I’ve noticed the past that builders are no respecters of property, yours or anyone else’s…

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