Chicks And Sunshine

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When we agreed to mind some chicks for a couple of weeks I thought I’d be pretty smitten but I didn’t realise I’d fall head over heals in love with them! They’re so beautiful, even with their scraggley feathers coming through. I could just chill out with them all day.


Big, brave girls getting more an more confident exploring the big wide world. Penny found and ate a worm just after this photo was taken! I was such a proud Mummy! Little Harriet found a worm today but dropped it as soon as she realised it was alive and ran away before her sisters noticed it. The world is still a very scary place.

unnamed (1)

Give me a hot man looking lovingly at a gorgeous chicken and I’m gone! Adam’s not quite as in love with the little ladies as I am but he’s pretty smitten! We’ll definitely have to visit them lots when they go to their new Mummy and Daddy’s house in a weeks time!

2 thoughts on “Chicks And Sunshine

  1. Hmmm, I’m definitely detecting chook mania setting in… You’ll be nagging Himself to make the chooks a permanent feature, I bet. I completely sympathise, I can’t wait to get my new girls.

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