My Messy Teenagers


As our little darlings got bigger we felt bad putting the lid on their box at night and just let them roam the bathroom for the last two nights. Unfortunately, I had to work my usual 12 hour shifts the past two days, and Adam worked his usual, regular person hours. This meant the girls were confined to the bathroom (although free of their box) for a full two days and two nights, with just a couple of hours of outside play time each evening. (Also, one chicken would spend the evening falling asleep on my lap, getting patted as I watched TV to wind down from my day). This meant that there was barely an inch of black and white lino which didn’t have a darling little poo on it. Not the most pleasant place to take a shower! So, I spent my day off today cleaning up after my messy teenagers.


They spent the lovely 29 degree October day pecking around my vegie boxes. Within seconds of putting them outside they’ll find there way to the vegie boxes and spend their whole outside play time there. I guess they’re high and therefore safe, and they’ve got lots of great things to peck at. Thankfully, they prefer the pea leaves to the actual peas so they don’t do too much damage, but they did manage to pull out one of my four cucumber seedlings today. So while I scrubbed and mopped and vacuumed, Harriet buried herself in the cool, slightly damp soil, while Penny and Gertrude sunbaked.


Finally, after mopping the floor four times and using half a bottle of disinfectant the floor looks respectable again. Ignore the paint stains, I’m mid-way through painting the bathroom and we’re getting new floor coverings once I’m done so I just go crazy with my paint brush and drip paint everywhere. So much easier!


Lovely Gertrude stretching out in the sun. It’s a tough life when you’re a chicken!


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