Blooming Crab Apple


Mum and Dad dropped in to our house one day last year and very proudly presented us with a stick. After much thought as to what sort of tree to plant in our front yard they’d found the perfect solution: a crab apple. A pretty, ornamental tree to go with our pretty, ornamental house. About six months earlier, Dad had proudly presented me with a bag of poo and we dug that into the soil where we planned to plant our tree. So our new stick had a good start to life with some 6 month old manure doing it’s thing in the shitty (pardon the pun) Burnley soil. After several weeks the stick came to life and budded into leaves. Then, being deciduous, it became a stick again. I got a bit worried about it after that because all the other pretty looking deciduous trees in the area started coming back to life again well before our little stick. We’ve had problems growing things in this part of the garden and I thought it had packed it in. But our little stick is just a late bloomer and looking mighty fine with its second bunch of pretty pink flowers.

One thought on “Blooming Crab Apple

  1. Isn’t it lovely when dead sticks come to life? I can’t grow apples up here, but I’ve had the same experience with a couple of frangipani dead sticks which I was convinced were past hope. In the last week, they’ve sent out first dark red shiny pointy buds, and now the start of slender green leaves. Maybe this year they’ll flower too!

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