So cheap, easy and refreshing


Super fast, super easy, super cheap summertime meal.

Bow tie pasta
2tbs olive oil
1 clove garlic
1 bunch asparagus
2 cups sugar snap peas (mine are home grown)
90g danish feta
2 tbs lemon juice
Italian herbs

Cook pasta for 2 mins less than instructions say. Snap off woody ends of asparagus and cut into 2cm long pieces. String and halve peas. Crush garlic. Heat oil in large fry pan and add garlic, asparagus, salt and pepper. Stir on high for 3 mins. Add peas and stir for few seconds. Add strained pasta to pan along with 1/2 cup reserved water. Add Italian herbs (I used basil, oregano and tarragon). Stir mixture for one or two minutes then remove from heat. Place contents of fry pan in large bowl. Add lemon juice and crumbled feta. Serve immediately.

Note: I actually used 4 tbs of olive oil in mine but I think this is too much so I’ve written 2 tbs for this recipe but depends how much you like olive oil! To add some more intense flavour and colour a few sundried tomatoes would go nicely, but I actually like the simplicity of this dish the way it is. The sugar snaps stay so crispy and sweet and the other flavours compliment that and don’t overpower the peas.

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