The Fruits (And Veg) Of My Labour

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My brussels sprouts are finally sort of starting to look like brussels sprouts! Man they’re slow! Hopefully they’ll get bigger quickly from now so I can eat them before it gets to hot and they go all floppy and open. They’re funny little things.

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My first two tiny baby capsicums are starting to grow. That was fast! I only planted them a week ago! Hopefully the plant doesn’t spend all it’s energy making two little baby capsicums because the plant itself is still really little. It’s got some growing to do to make all the capsicums I’m expecting out of it!

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My lime tree did it’s usual ‘winter death’ thing but the new growth is looking great! Is there anything I can do other than bring it inside to keep it healthy in winter? I feel like the warmer months are spent regrowing all the leaves that fell off in winter and by the time that’s done it’s winter again. It has only been two winters that it’s done it’s ‘winter death’ but that’s two out of two and I’m sensing a cycle. It gets a good mix of fertiliser including slow release, and I’m generally pretty on top of the aphids when they pay their visit, and it’s in a pretty sheltered spot in a pot with nice soil. I just don’t have the citrus touch!

6 thoughts on “The Fruits (And Veg) Of My Labour

  1. Don’t despair. I thought my baby lime tree was going to die last summer, but it’s back, twice the size and flowering and fruiting. Bear in mind it’s a tree. It takes time to get established, unlike tomatoes and capsicums! Feed it, keep the bugs off it, and let it get its roots well established.

  2. Hi Jen. Your garden is so much further on than mine. My peppers aren’t even in the ground! And I’m envious of your brussel sprouts – I’ve never managed a decent harvest. I have actually killed my lime tree and the lemon is looking a little grim! It would seem you do have the citrus touch – unlike me, I’ve killed loads!
    Cheers Sarah : o )

  3. Up here in Brisbane we really struggle to grow brussels sprouts as they really need a bit of a cold snap. The chap in the allotment next to mine loves sprouts so he plants them with some success, but it’s hard to get the tight little heads we all love. Hope you get some limes.

    1. Thanks Jean, I hope so too! I didn’t know that about sprouts, this is my first attempt. Will let you know how they turn out. We still get all sorts of weather in Melbourne this time of year so hope they stay tight! I have a feeling I may have left it too late but we’ll see. 🙂

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