The Start Of A New Lemony Era


So my lemon tree officially died a few months ago. My love and worry and care was not enough. I failed with the first plant we planted in our first garden. I’m blaming it on the rocky start it had to life: being put directly into clay soil with poor drainage. But I’m still pretty shattered. 😦

unnamed (1)

I tried to salvage it with food (so much food!), love, insecticide and water. I could have bought about 3 new lemon trees with the amount of “love” I spent on it! In the end I dug it up and put it in a pot where I could control it’s environment a bit better and give it some nice soil with good drainage. The pathetic amount of roots it had when I dug it up to put it in the pot was an indicator that it needed a miracle to bounce back. And the barely there amount of roots it has now are a tell tale sign it didn’t stand a fighting chance.

unnamed (3)

I’ve been keeping my eye out for another Meyer lemon for that past couple of months and I finally found one today. My neighbours are successfully growing a Eureka lemon straight into the clay ground, but I wanted to get a Meyer again because they’re the best. I figured if I start it off in a pot with good potting mix, where I can control the drainage a bit better, and keep it well watered, well fed and pest free, it should have a good start to life. Down the track I can think about putting it in the ground.

unnamed (2)

I’m already feeling a motherly bond to my new lemon tree. I was talking to it all the way home in the car. I’ve explained to it (well, her) that I have every type of food she could possibly want and that if she’s hungry or thirsty to tell me straight away. I’ve introduced her to the brussels sprouts and tomatoes that are growing next to her and shown her her citrus friend, the lime tree on the other side of the vegie boxes. Call me crazy but I really want this one to be happy! Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “The Start Of A New Lemony Era

  1. Hi Jen. The other day I glanced over at the lemon tree that I was pleased not to have killed and it looks half dead! I seem to excel at killing them! I have lemon juice on my hands! In the past I’ve done all you have done – creating a lemon pot hospital, but to no avail. All the best with your new lemon. I shall try again too at some point.
    Cheers Sarah : o )

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