Shapely Natives

My natives have been looking scraggley and unshapely and top heavy. I’ve never really pruned anything before so I did some research and found that natives in general don’t mind a prune every now and then. They’re used to being pruned naturally by animals or their windy environment. I specifically looked up swan river pea because this is particularly unshapely and I wanted to make sure it didn’t mind a bit of a harder prune before I came at it with the secateurs. From what I read, it loves a good prune and will be a scraggley looking plant without it. So I went a bit further than just tip pruning to give it a bit of shape but still went on the cautious side for it’s first prune. A good trim had the added bonus of getting rid of the caterpillars that made the end leaf tips into a cocoon.

Swan River Pea Before
Swan River Pea After

For my callistemon, I just gave it a tip prune to encourage it to bush up a bit. It’s getting a bit top heavy and requires staking, even when it’s not heavy with flowers.

Callistemon Before
Callistemon After
My baby pruning pile.
My special pruning friend.

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