One Day Only Event

I bought a cactus for my ex-boyfriend just after we started going out, cos, you know, it’s cute. He called it “Cac” and it was all very lovely. Then he bought me this cactus in return. That was about 9 years ago. Since then, this cactus has spent a total of 2 days of it’s entire life (about 3285 days) doing something interesting. It shoots off a long, green, gherkin looking stem and produces a massive, elaborate pink flower. But blink and you’ll miss it. The flower is only alive for a day, and this has only happened twice in 9 years (that I’ve seen, I do spend a large amount of time blinking).

unnamed (1) unnamed

2 thoughts on “One Day Only Event

  1. That’s….. bizarre. Very pink, very big, and I have to say, very artificial looking, except no one would believe it! I suppose even boring cacti need their moment in the sun.

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