Brussels Sprouts And Caterpillars For Tea?

So, my brussels sprouts are finally getting to a decent size. The only problem is the caterpillars! They have gotten right into the sprouts! Hortico spray doesn’t get to them, and short of peeling away the layers of sprout, I can’t pick them out and squash them with my fingers. And all the little holes they leave in the sprouts allows dirt to get right in there and it’s impossible to clean the sprouts properly without peeling the sprout apart.

unnamed (6)

I personally have never minded a bit of dirt in my food so I cleaned the sprouts as best I could and cooked them up anyway. A couple of caterpillars drowned in the process. I got the sprouts pretty clean in the end. Even my hygiene fussy boyfriend ate them so they must have been ok! I’ve actually never cooked sprouts before. I thought I’d start off with something plain so I just boiled these in salted water for about 5 mins and served them with some butter. (Plus I wanted to boil away the dirt). They were a little hard still but tasted ok. Not the amazing home-grown sprout sensation I was hoping for though. This is only about a tenth of all the sprouts I have so plenty of opportunity to experiment with some sprout recipes. Next time I might fry some up with bacon. Bacon makes everything taste great!

unnamed (5)


5 thoughts on “Brussels Sprouts And Caterpillars For Tea?

  1. I steam mine in the microwave, but that wouldn’t wash away any dirt… Where is the dirt coming from? If from the ground, how about putting some thick mulch around the base of the plants to prevent it splashing up onto them? Sprouts are definitely a long wait and lots of labour item that take up a good bit of space, and I decided long ago even when I lived in a climate where I could grow them that I wasn’t going to bother, despite the fact that I love them!

    1. The dirt came from the delightful builders next door when they built the delightful brick wall. And just constant dirt and dust since as a result of living next to a building site. I cant wait to scrub the house all over when they’re finished. Shouldn’t have painted the weatherboards white! How long do you steam your sprouts for?

      1. I do them in a lidded microwave container, 2 mins on high, shake them and then another 2 minutes. Your lovely weatherboards will still be white long after the builders have gone…

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