Undercover Boss (Garden Style)

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Gardener Jen, CEO of The Garden PTY LTD. I decided I wanted to go undercover to find out how hard my employees work, to identify areas that can be improved, and to reward good work. My disguise team did a fabulous job at making my look like a lady bird. In fact, when I revealed myself to my family they tried to coax me onto their finger so they could put me outside – that’s how good my disguise was! Over the past financial year, I’ve noticed that the aphid numbers have been increasing in The Garden. It is for this reason that I was especially keen to work with the lady birds to see just what was going on at their level.

I was partnered with Leonard (pictured below) as a trainee aphid killer. Leonard is in charge of The Front Yard. It is a large area and he has to manage a large team of lady birds. I quickly noticed that Leonard has a real “hands on” approach to management, and, while he is a good and fair delegator, he’s not afraid to get his legs dirty. He told me how the increasing aphid numbers have been putting a lot of pressure on his team and they’ve been having to work extra long hours to try to keep on top of it.

Leonard the lady bird.

Leonard also opened up to me about how, a few months ago, he flew home after a long day in The Front Yard to find that his house was on fire and his children were gone. He told me of the heartbreak and anguish he feels over the loss of his family, and how he’s relied on friends to provide him shelter ever since. Leonard really opened my eyes to the hardship that some of my employees face in The Garden.

When I revealed my identity to Leonard he was shocked! He had no idea I was Gardener Jen. I told Leonard how impressed I was with his work and how appreciative I was of the long hours that he and his colleagues have put in. I promised to make the organisation more attractive to other lady birds to try to increase workforce numbers to offset the increasing workload. I also organised a builder to build Leonard a new home so that he will no longer have to rely on friends for shelter every night. Leonard was overwhelmed and teary with this news. I’m just so appreciative to know that we have lady birds like Leonard in our workforce.

6 thoughts on “Undercover Boss (Garden Style)

  1. When you slip out of your ladybug costume, you may want to invest in some neem oil. It’s a safe, non-toxic plant oil extract that you can spray on your leaves to remove the aphids for many months. Typically, that’s their entire busy season. It is harmless to your ladybug workforce so long as you don’t spray them directly!

    That will give the ladybugs some much needed PTO. If the plant is large, just spray the newer growth because that’s where aphids gather.

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