Merry Christmas To Me

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My KK, (aka my brother), knows me very well and gave me garden stuff for Christmas. Knowing I have a new boundary wall courtesy of next doors erection of two townhouses, he gave me a vertical garden. How clever! Boxing day was spent buying screws, potting mix and petunias and we now have a very pretty vertical garden to soften the wall. He also gave me a moisture reader, a pH reader and a rain gauge. Overall, my garden is dry but my pH is around 6.7 which is great.

My gran’s cousin, who also knows about my new wall, gave me an outdoor clock and thermometer. Another clever, thoughtful present! It’s also really handy! We’ve been eating out meals outside lately and it’s nice to just glance over and check the time and temperature.

I also bought a pine trellis to grow our passionfruit vine up the wall. We were given the passionfruit vine for our housewarming two years ago and have been waiting for construction of the wall ever since. The poor little passionfruit has been sitting in a pot, getting tangled around itself because it had nothing else to hang on to, and getting frequently trimmed back. When we dug it up, it’s roots were poking through the bottom of the pot, at least 30cm into the ground. We actually did a really good job of keeping the roots intact. But the very next day after transplanting it to it’s new wall, it sagged and looked very sad. We watered it heaps, but I think the roots were too in shock to drink the water. We trimmed it back pretty hard but it hasn’t recovered. I think we’ll be buying a new passionfruit vine. At least we gave it a good go.

Overall, I think the wall is a bit of a blessing in disguise. The grey matches the trimming of our house, and we’ve been able to make a bit of a garden feature because of it. Next jobs: a new fence and a new shed!

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5 thoughts on “Merry Christmas To Me

  1. I agree with Kate. Passion fruit are vigorous growers and can also take a great deal of pruning. Use your new water guage to make sure the drainage is good and you’re not drowning the roots. They drink a lot, but don’t like a lack of drainage. It should bounce back come spring time and with a trellis, it’ll grow 20′ in a season! Also make sure your trellis is strong for passion fruit. There’s a lot of weight when they get going and it happens so fast, it’ll be hard to bolster after the fact. Does the new wall block sunlight at all? Is it South facing? Live the layout by the way!

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