Tomato Time! :)


Tomato time! Brace yourselves for lots of tomato posts! My big reds are ripening and my romas are getting bigger. I’ve learnt a lot from last year (my first crop). No blossom end rot this year! And my tomato plants are a little more under control this year (after I did zero pruning last year) but they’re still a bit crazy so next year I’ll keep on top of the pruning a bit better. Hopefully my romas don’t ripen too quickly. Want to space out the tomato goodness so it lasts as long as possible!


6 thoughts on “Tomato Time! :)

  1. Lucky you! Mine are just about over; they can’t cope with the repeated soaking of our passing thundersorms. I shall plant more in March or April, they’ll enjoy our tropical winter.

  2. Toomato plant pruning? Tell me more please! We just keep adding more ties to get them to stay somewhat upright on the fence!

    1. Haha. I only recently heard about it too! You pinch off the laterals which are the shoots that come up in between the main stem and a side shoot. This helps the tomato grow taller. The tomatoes themselves like to be a bit breezey too so i like to prune off some extra leaves to open things up a bit.

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