Penny for your… Eggs?


Look what my darling Penny did! Such a clever girl. All three girls are laying now. Harriet was a few weeks behind the other two, but my chicken parent friends are now getting three eggs a day. Apparently Penny’s eggs are the best at the moment so they gave us some of hers to try. The yolks are still a little pale but they’re feeding the girls the right food to yellow up the yolks. I’m sure it won’t be long before my clever girls start laying the best eggs in town!

2 thoughts on “Penny for your… Eggs?

  1. I’ve been getting requests from friends and coworkers for my eggs. I only have 4 girls and one is a silkie. To meet demands, I’m thinking about some new additions to the flock. This is how it begins isn’t it? Crazy chicken man is born.

  2. Clever girls! Best thing for deep dark yellow yolks is lots of grass and greens, rather than grain with colour additive, which is what battery egg farmers use.

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