7 thoughts on “Home To A Giant Passionfruit Vine!

  1. Passion fruit doesn’t mess around! I had about 20 feet by 12 feet of growth from a 2 foot plant in one spring/early summer half season. They are beasts, so make sure the trellis is well secured before it gets too big to wrestle. I wrote this about it…


    After that post, and for the second half of summer, I had hundreds of passion fruit. I traded a bucket full in exchange for gourmet waffles at WowWowWaffles. An excellent accord was reached that day! They were redonkulously yummy.

    Yours looks very happy and healthy, so get ready for the plethora of fruit. A fruit tidal wave.

    New flowers only form on new growth, so read up on pruning during the next winter. I’m going for privacy and had way too much fruit last summer so I didn’t prune and blasted it with nitrogen instead.

    Keep up the good work! It’s looking great.

      1. Glad to be of help! I sent your post to a friend who has been itching to grow passion fruit. I think your post finally gave her the push she needed.

  2. Quite right! You need to encourage some more laterals by nipping out the growing tips of the main leaders. The more laterals, the more wood to bear new growth next year. You may find that the flowers don’t set fruit the first year either. Give it lots of yummy stuff when it flowers, as they’re greedy feeders.

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