When Will These Delicious Balls Of Red End? (please say never)


I’m still getting precious red jewels popping out of my tomato plants! Some are coming in funky shapes and ugly skins but they still taste as sweet and amazing as ever! We’re thoroughly into autumn now – are they meant to be pushing out fruit for this long? I’ve probably got about 50 green tomatoes out there slowly ripening away. Should I make green tomato chutney or something out of them now the weather is cooler or just wait for them to go juicy and red?

I easily picked 1.5kg of tomatoes the other day and made Joanne’s napolitana sauce again. But this time I didn’t peel and deseed the tomatoes to see if it tasted much different. To be honest, I thought it was just as good and took me about 2 hours less time! I cooked the tomatoes for about 2 hours and the juices reduced just nicely. I even had to add about half a cup of water while I waited for Adam to come home.


Instead of basil (cos it died along with all my other herbs while I was in New Zealand), I used homegrown oregano that had been drying in our little butlers kitchen thing (our house is weird) for a few months. Tasted great! I actually prefer it to fresh oregano – the leaves are too furry for my liking.

I forgot to get a photo of the final product but it looked just like the last one! Recipe here.

4 thoughts on “When Will These Delicious Balls Of Red End? (please say never)

  1. If you pick them just as they start to turn, and then put them on a sunny windowsill, they’ll still taste amazing without the cold making them go mushy on the vine. My favourite trick with the last ones of the season is to put them in the bottom of a heavy roasting pan, thickly packed together. Douse with olive oil, sea salt, cracked black pepper, dried oregano and a few unpeeled cloves of garlic. Roast till soft and squishy, cool, then ladle into ziploc bags together with the juice, and freeze. They give a delicious zip of summer flavour to winter stews without the need to open and use a whole jar of sauce.

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