Green Tomato Chutney


So I cracked it with my two Roma tomato plants that I randomly chucked in the garden cos they didn’t fit in the vegie boxes. I didn’t stake them with as much love as my other tomatoes and they were falling over the lawn and the tomatoes themselves were becoming home to slugs and millipedes before I got to them. So I pulled off all the tomatoes that hadn’t yet been made into a home (all the green ones) and pulled the plants out.

Next step was to decide what to do with 1.5kg of green tomatoes

I’ve never made chutney or jam or any of those lovely things before so I took to the internet to find some recipes that a. Looked yum, b. Looked easy, and c. Got good reviews. I found this recipe called Gran’s Green Tomato Chutney.


This recipe is super easy, and I love the step by step instructions with pictures. When I first added my onion and tomatoes I thought I’d calculated the amount of vinegar wrong because there seemed to be way too many tomatoes. I quickly checked the picture associated with that step and saw that that was how it was meant to look.


You’ll be horrified to know that I bought jars. From a shop. With money. Now that I’m officially someone who makes chutney I’ll have to start saving jars!


Had my first sample of chutney tonight on a homemade quiche. A good sign is that Adam kept telling me he didn’t want to waste it on quiche because the quiche already had so much flavour that he couldn’t taste the chutney well enough. He wants us to eat it with cheese and biscuits so we can fully appreciate it’s sweet goodness. It is pretty nice I must say. I’m definitely a homemade chutney lady now! 🙂

One thought on “Green Tomato Chutney

  1. Well done! Just a thought about jars: if you’re going to use them more than once, you need to seriously think about proper preserving jars, as the ones you buy jam and tomato paste in, for example, aren’t strong enough to stand up to repeated heat processing and one day you may find a jar disintegrating in your face and spraying glass and hot chutney everywhere. You can buy decent preserving jars from Big W – Ball Jars. Better safe than sorry, Chutney Lady!

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