Fence Saga (Part 2)

Thanks to all who gave advice about what to do with this annoyingly narrow strip of dirt we got as a result of the fence guys building our fence the wrong way around. Thought I’d update you with my latest thoughts and feelings on the matter.

The neighbours have built a courtyard kind of thing on the other side of the fence, which slopes towards our fence. We have a concrete footpath down that side, which also slopes towards the fence. As a result, this little dirt strip is a boggy, wet mess.


Funnily enough, you all advised me to plant some kind of plant in this strip (who would have thought that would be the response from people who follow a gardening blog ;)). I’m worried about this option now that I see how boggy this dirt strip gets. And our soil is on the clay side so it stays wet.

So my latest thoughts and feelings are this: fill it in with concrete when the concrete guys come to lay the slab for our shed. It’s not so pretty. But it’ll be better than dead plants and mud. Thoughts?


3 thoughts on “Fence Saga (Part 2)

  1. If you’d still like plants there, you have quite a wide choice of options. Papyrus, many varieties of canna, many varieties of hibiscus, lots of ornamental reeds and grasses, bog iris, etc Lots of these are very vertical in habit so wouldn’t take up a lot of space, and don’t mind a spot of shade.

  2. Well, the practical bookkeeper in me says “cement”. That sounds like a reasonable solution. But the gardener in me thinks that every bit of dirt must be made pretty. I have a hand-me-down ground cover that I never even knew the name of until I just searched for it now. GOLDMOSS SEDUM Here’s a link but I don’t know how to activate it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sedum_acre Anyway – this stuff grows like wild in sun, shade, wet, dry. AND – if I get tired of it in a spot – I pull it up & it’s gone – very easy to get rid of. Then I throw that clump down elsewhere & it starts growing again. Comes back every year. I am in zone 7 – not sure where else it grows.

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