Sometimes You Don’t Notice How Beautiful Something Is Until You Have To Paint It


So I haven’t posted anything for ages! Simple reason is that I haven’t done anything in the garden for ages. Other than mowing the lawn and weeding, but who cares about that!? Reason being that our whole backyard is about to change. Yes, it’s happening! The grand shed building! It will look like a building too! If Adam had his way I think he would have a shed in lieu of a backyard. If I had my way we would have a normal sized garden shed. At least we both agree that it has to be neat, clean (therefore sealed and weatherproof) and organised with a shadow board and good storage shelves. But we’ve compromised on a 6×6 metre shed. I call it a shed, but really it’s a garage. We live on a busy street so Adam’s argument is that it would be good to have the option of off street parking via the ridiculously tight, long, cornered laneway at the back of our house. He was very clever and put forward the argument that I wouldn’t want to be crossing the busy road with a baby and a stroller if I couldn’t find a park in front and had to park in the car park we conveniently have across the road. The “safety of our future baby” card would probably have plucked my heart strings if we didn’t get a park right in front of our house 95% of the time and if we would actually have our shed set up to park a car. Our laneway is that narrow that we’d have to park even my little Mazda on an angle just to get in and out of our garage. Which we’d never do cos we need the storage space. Plus we’d have to reverse down the laneway up until the corner, then do a 7 point turn to face the right way to drive out the rest of the laneway onto a one-way street. Not ideal. By the way, we know all this because we set up plastic chairs as markers in the car park across the road to test how we would park our specific cars into various sized garages from our narrow laneway. Someone pulled over to ask us what we were doing.

Long story short, Adam’s obsession with having the ability to park a car on our property led us to agree on a 6×6 metre shed. And now we’re just waiting on the building permit. In the meantime, we are going to do some more painting (for a change). I HATE painting. So much! Adam is really good at going on work trips when we have most of the house to paint in a short period of time before the carpet gets installed. I’ve pretty much painted most of the inside of our house so far, with a few days of much welcomed help from Adam’s dad. I decided after I painted the kitchen and butlers kitchen by myself (keep in mind there was lots of enamel paint required for the butlers kitchen – my most favourite horribly sticky paint to work with) that the bathroom and laundry looked just fine. Especially since we’ll probably knock out some walls and move their location in the next 5-7 years if we can afford it. But just as we decided on new flooring for the laundry, kitchen and bathroom, my perfectionist fiance decided that the laundry and bathroom need painting. Since making that decision, he’s gotten rid of the sliding door in the bathroom which kept getting stuck and our guests would think they were locked in the bathroom for good. We went to an awesome place which has everything old. They had about 50 doors just from the Victorian era to choose from. Since it was a pretty small doorframe, we only had a choice of one out of the 50 that could reasonably be cut down to fit. So we now have a swinging door to the bathroom. It looks great! Adam did an amazing job! Gone are the days when he was useless at handiwork. Growing up around a handy dad and brother, I just thought men knew how to do stuff, and was always baffled that Adam didn’t just know stuff. Apparently it’s not always innate. But it can be learned! And, as I mentioned before, Adam is a perfectionist. So the door is PERFECT. Our new flooring is meant to be installed in less than two weeks. I put it back a month today. It’s just so much easier painting when you don’t have to worry about the floor, and I reckon painting prep will have only just be finished by then. It is lovely that Adam is such a perfectionist. He takes pride in our house and in the work he does to improve it. He would’ve been horrified if he saw my painting prep for the rest of the house!

So the point of this post: since we decided to paint, I’m taking more notice of the details in these rooms that will need painting. And I’ve never really taken the time to look at the beautiful hinges on our laundry cupboard doors. To be fair, I have to stand on tip toes and make a funny face to reach the cupboards. But they are lovely hinges. And these would’ve been put in around the 60s because the laundry is in the extended part of our house. They may be older though because the guy who owned our house then was a builder and he pinched stuff from building sites and added it to our house. Probably why we have an industrial style exhaust fan in our kitchen. Gives our house even more character! (Something it’s oozing with in good and bad ways!).

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