This Is Why I Never Paint My Nails


I thought I’d put in a bit of effort in for Adam’s 30th birthday party and painted my nails. I never paint my nails cos:
1. I’m crap at it.
2. I don’t see the point.
3. I have to take it off for work anyway.
After this nail painting effort, I’ve thought of another reason: I actually do things! This is what my nails looked like less than 24 hours later. All my days off have something physical involved. All part of liking gardening and having stuff to renovate and make pretty. So between nursing, renovating and gardening, my nails are stuffed.


One thought on “This Is Why I Never Paint My Nails

  1. LOL – gardening is not for the vain. I make a point to wear gloves,but after a few hours in the dirt, my nails are filthy and torn. And my legs? Scratches, bruises, knees that never seem to look quite clean, no matter how hard I scrub. I’m quite the delicate flower.

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