Moving Vegetable Boxes


When we first positioned our vegie boxes we pushed them hard up again next door’s fence. But then that house got demolished and a large part of the new “fence” became the wall of the second townhouse. Then the rest of the new fence was built the reverse way around so the posts were on ourside  (which was a little sneaky and dodgy of the builder). The advantage of this was that we gained an extra 5 or 6 inches for the vegie boxes to go back. It doesn’t sound like much but space is like gold in any inner city suburb. I shoveled the soil out of one box, then hand-balled the repositioning task to Adam who made it perfect, then shoveled the soil back in. I got a shovel for my birthday this year. Isn’t it beautiful!?


After all this shoveling, my brother put forward a good idea that we could take out the end fence post which wasn’t a proper fence post anyway and secure the final paling to the brick wall. This way we could push the boxes right up to the brick wall and gain another couple of inches. The bottom rung of the fence would also need to be sawn off. Good idea bro! So I shoveled the soil back out of the vegie box. REALLY appreciating my new shovel now!


This weekend Adam worked his magic. I do pick on Adam a little on this blog but he really is amazing. I looked at the fence for a bit, wondering how I’d take the post off etc and had no idea where to start. Adam just got straight in there and did it. Any problems he encountered along the way he just used that clever brain of his and found a solution. And he just goes about his work quietly (usually with the occasional swear word to himself) and doesn’t complain. When I do any work I make him come out and see my progress at regular intervals and constantly complain that this part of my body aches and make him look at my splinters and each individual tiny cut and force him to repeatedly tell me what an amazing job I’ve done. Another lovely thing about him is he always includes me. He’d get me to come out and approve the new position of the boxes before he started refilling them. And if I suggested any adjustments (which are always a pain to do) he’d listen to my case, agree with me (or make a compelling case against) and change it. And the end result would always be perfect.

Anyway, enough talk about how wonderful Adam is. He’s ok I guess. I quite like him. Main point is the vegie boxes are now in place so I can plant vegies again! I’ll probably just wait till tomato season though.

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