Nipping Laterals In The Bud


It’s my 3rd year of tomato growing and I’ve finally learnt to get onto pinching off my laterals early before I lose track of what’s what! So proud of my babies flourishing amongst the chaos of our backyard. A relative of mine brought me these a couple of weeks ago. They’re cherry tomatoes. I’ve never grown cherry tomatoes before so I’m looking forward to some sweet summer salads this season!

8 thoughts on “Nipping Laterals In The Bud

  1. You’re going to love them! They’re prolific, sturdy, forgiving, and just keep on and on giving. I’m still harvesting from two plants I put in last year, now over 2m tall and 3m wide. OK, my climate’s a bit different, but I haven’t given them any special treatment.

    1. Oh my goodness! That’s awesome! Unfortunately I’ll be pulling these guys out in March regardless of what they’re doing because our vegie boxes are going to become a seat at our wedding reception. We need all the space we can get!

      1. If they’re not too crazy I might try and put one or two in a pot. Not sure how cherry tomatoes go in Melbourne after March? I’ll do some googling!

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