Backyard Reno Problem #2

Note that these problems are written in no particular order, just whatever I feel like writing about at the time. This problem is with the sewer inspection pipe.

unnamed (8)

This smiling face is the cap of a cast iron sewer inspection pipe. Of course it’s sitting up too high to be flush with the new slab. And of course it’s made out of cast iron because nothing is allowed to be simple in this project. So the whole thing needed replacing with PVC pipe.


And of course, there was no vent for it for some odd reason, so that too needed to be created.

Not a big problem, but still unexpected and therefore noteworthy. And it did delay us because we had to manage the slab design around the inspection pipe (the original design had cross beams) and we had to faff about with council to establish that we did in fact need to keep the inspection pipe. On the plus side, our new sewer inspection cap is nicer looking.

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