Backyard Reno Problem #5

I fell in a hole.

It was hilarious.

No one saw it. Such a waste!


I’d just come back from my run and decided to water the lemon tree. There are numerous holes to navigate around and over to get to the hose. (They will eventually be filled with concrete to support our bluestone paving in the most elaborate concrete slab design you have ever seen!). I casually stepped over the hole you see below. I stepped onto some loose dirt and vaguely attempted to correct myself, before accepting my demise and allowing myself to fall into the one metre deep, 600mm wide hole. I’m pretty sure I started laughing on the way down. Such a waste that no one saw it! Got an annoying, ugly scab on my knee just in time for summer, but at least I also got a funny story out of it!


3 thoughts on “Backyard Reno Problem #5

    1. It’s been so long since I had a graze! Kinda brought back childhood memories! It’s healing pretty quickly. Just looks ugly in my summer dresses! I never worried about that when I was little. The uglier the scab the tougher (and therefore cooler) you were. How perspectives change!

      1. Get some mineral powder foundation and cover it up! That stuff’s inert so it won’t affect the scab, dry so it won’t make it soggy, and does a good job of concealing all sorts of damage (don’t ask how I know…)

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