You Know It’s Hot When…

… It’s 35°C outside and you’re opening your house up to cool it down.

… Your plants look like they’ve been in a small fire.

Magda the magnolia
Middy the baby "midnight" camellia
Lily the lilly pilly (tips only this year as opposed to the full blown burning she received this time last year)
Azalea (who hasn't been named)

… You’re unlikely to get more than a couple of hours sleep with your $10 bunnings pedestal fan and a cold shower.

On a happy note about summer, have you ever seen so many baby tomatoes in one photo?


They’re everywhere!

Happy New Year all!

3 thoughts on “You Know It’s Hot When…

  1. Damp down your sheet with a plant spray, turn the fan onto it, and it will draw heat from your body as it evaporates. You’ll sleep much cooler! Lots of lovely cherry tomatoes – good luck staying on top of picking them once they start to ripen!

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