Who’s Eating My Flowers?



I have these gorgeous seedlings that were starting to get a decent amount of flowers just in time for our wedding but someone keeps eating them! I put some snail pellets down but the next morning more flowers had disappeared. They’re so perfectly removed it looks like someone has chopped them off. What’s happening??

2 thoughts on “Who’s Eating My Flowers?

  1. That looks a lot like grasshopper damage. The big ones can do a whole heap of damage overnight, and it happens especially when it’s hot and dry, and your baby leaves are tender and juicy. Not much you can do except rig up some sort of cloche, polytunnel or netting to protect them just till the wedding. If you want a good show for the day itself, you may have to bite the bullet and put in more advanced plants a day or two before, leaving the ground empty for now so they start looking elsewhere. If you put more in now, the little buggers will be back and do it again….

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