Jen Heaven

One more quick post to show you Jen Heaven. A couple of months after we got engaged, I started collecting glass bottles, mostly Schweppes Classic Mixers (turns out Adam and I drink a lot of gin and tonics/scotches and dry). I thought these might be nice and rustic looking for my flower decorations. I got a very large delivery of flowers from Tesselaar wholesale florist the morning before our wedding. I spent the next 4-5 hours arranging all these stunning flowers into my little bottles and some vases that Mum had bought me. So therapeutic. I guess it was Jen Heaven except for the fact that I knew all the flowers would die :(.


This is only half of them! Mum ended up coming over that day with about 10 bunches of flowers from Coles because she decided I needed more decorations. Sooo many flowers! Love the colours. So festive! 🙂


I put twine around some and hung them from the back fence to colour it up a bit.


Others were on some of the tables we had.


And you’ll see many more flowers in the background of many more photos once we get the professional photos back.

4 thoughts on “Jen Heaven

  1. Nothing like home made flower arrangements for a lovely informal wedding. I did mine, from table decorations to my own bouquet. Heaps of fun, and being in the tropics I had some fabulous choices!

    1. I wasn’t brave or clever enough to do my bouquet. But it was absolutely stunning! Rhiannon my florist sure knows her flowers! I’ll put pics up when I have them. Would love to see yours!

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