So Much To Tell You

I haven’t written a blog post since March 4th! Not because nothing is happening. Quite the opposite! Between March 4th and March 12th, we were frantically getting ready for this:


Then we spent a few weeks doing this:


And since getting home, I’ve been frantically trying to catch up on this:
(As well as working full time because I still hadn’t returned the contract that brought my hours down to .8).


Meanwhile, I have so much to tell you! I still haven’t finished our backyard reno problems list (which by the way is continuing and becoming a VCAT hearing now – yay!), whether we finished our backyard in time for our wedding, how it all looked, how my seedlings still looked like little tiny babies before the wedding and that I should listen to my mother more (she told me to plant them much earlier than I did), how all my herbs died when we were away :(, what we did with our vegie boxes for our reception, all the beautiful plants we came across in New Caledonia, the list is never ending!

For now, I just want to write a thankyou post for Marilyn, Syd, Brodie and Dane who sent us these for our wedding present. They’re absolutely stunning! I know nothing about sewing but I’m very impressed by how perfectly you’ve made these, Marilyn. We’ve already had good use out of the placemats, and I carry the tote when I go shopping. Such a thoughtful gift!


I’m still super behind with uni work since I didn’t do an ounce of study for the first four weeks of uni due to frantic wedding prep, backyard reno style. I just finished my case study so thought I’d reward myself by writing a blog post! Hopefully I’ll be here a little more during study breaks and between shifts at work!

6 thoughts on “So Much To Tell You

  1. My neighbour wants to plant bamboo; so I went into your garden blog to find the name of the bamboo that I sent you last year with the ongoing fence saga, Really enjoyed the collecting of the bottles and the flower displays; you are so creative. It was lovely to see the wedding photos that we missed out on and then what a total surprise to see photos of my sewing projects. I am so pleased that you have some use for them. Currently I am doing heaps of sewing as it has taken over my gardening time which I can no longer do due to surgery. I’m now a frustrated gardener!

  2. Congratulations, welcome home, and now that you have the wedding and honeymoon out of the way, CHILL OUT! You will be fine… Nature will do her thing, so you concentrate on your studies, and we’re very glad to have you back.

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