So our weed mat is no longer effective. Don’t worry. Glyphosate still is.


10 thoughts on “Weeds

      1. Pesticides are so bad for the world and all the critters that live upon it. The weeds also become resistant to them so you have to use more and more exponentially. Thus contributing to further contamination. It’s the main chemical found in Round Up and has been linked to both cancer as well as the terrible decline in bees and other pollinators.

        There’s always another way! A torch keeps my gravel walkways weed free all year round. I use it every other month or so and it’s no chore! Most fun I have. Which is sad.


      2. Oh goodness, now I feel guilty! I’m not too keen on the torching technique over my pretty pavers. Plus it’ll burn up some nasties out of the weed mat. Though I do love the dramatic music in your video! And I’m not convinced that salt will work with all the gravel we have. We’ll need a hell of a lot of it anyway! Don’t want to do the old pull out method cos that just damages the weed mat more. And it is still helping to some extent. Any other ideas in your bag of tricks?

      3. My torch doesn’t hurt my flagstone or pavers at all. Propane burns clean and not sooty. Plus, you don’t need a lot of heat to kill the weeds.

        Pulling is out! I agree, that would be too much.

        Boiling water works, but does take some time to boil all that.

        How thick of a layer is the gravel?

      4. That’s a fairly thin layer and may explain why your barrier is rupturing. Enough light is getting down to those weed seeds. Then, the rocks themselves tear at the barrier making holes for sprouts.

        Any chance you can add a ticker layer of stone and raise up the pavers? I know, more work right?

        To deal with these buggers you currently have, try the boiling water method. It works better than some store bought chemical pesticides do. Cooks the weed instantly and it just shrivels up in a day.

  1. And if Glyphosate won’t nuke it, Sempra will… Make sure you’re buying the Brunnings Glyphosate 360, rather than anything else. (Yes, that’s Brunnings with an R, not the well known DIY store). Sempra will even get rid of nut grass, but it’s a bit scary and not suitable with animals or small children around.

    1. Oh, and I don’t want to antagonise James, but I have some points to make about salt vs glyphosate. May I have an email address to send them to? Mine is on my Contacts page.

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