I went missing again. Uni is mostly to blame. After ignoring uni during our wedding preparations, backyard renovations and honeymoon I had a lot to catch up on! Now exams are over and uni doesn’t start back for a couple of weeks. Time to catch up on my blogging!

The most important and exciting news: we have a puppy!


Meet Lloyd.

I signed up to all the pet rescue websites the moment our back fence went up, and was getting daily notifications about new puppies up for rescue. Lloyd’s four sisters appeared in my inbox one day (one black/brown, one red and two white), and we thought we’d check out Storm (the black/brown pup). She had gorgeous colouring and would be available for adoption that weekend, just half an hour away from us. The deal was first in best dressed. There were 16 puppies available for adoption and about 200 people turned up. It was crazy! We got there fairly early and our names were third on the list for this particular litter. Storm and her sister Karma were already adopted by the time our name was called. But Jesse (our Lloyd) was a surprise bonus since he was the only one I didn’t have an email about. We were told the pups were cattle dog cross breed but since they were picked up from a pound in NSW, no one really knows what they are. Out of the litter, Lloyd looks the most like a blue heeler, but there’s definitely something else in him. His colouring is lovely. He looks like he’s had a big night out and hasn’t taken his eye makeup off. His coat in red, black, white and strawberry blonde all in one and he has the blue heeler white tip on his tail. He’s a very handsome boy. We’re so lucky we got him!

We weren’t expecting to actually get a puppy that day so we hadn’t thought of names yet. We knew that he wasn’t a Jesse though and had to change his name pretty quickly so we had something to call him by. We started thinking of meaningful things to us and thought of Loy’s Paddock, where we had our wedding ceremony. I said “Lloyd kind of sounds like Loy” and Adam said “Yes! And Lloyd is Jim Carrey’s character in Dumb and Dumber! Oh, and we both like Pink Floyd and that sounds like Lloyd too!” So Lloyd he became. It didn’t take him long to find his feet in our house and he’s been putting smiles on our faces and love in our hearts ever since.

He’s nearly 5 months old now and is growing up so fast! He was 12 weeks and 5 kgs when we got him. He now weighs 12 kgs! He’s still very much a baby in his personality though. He’s highly intelligent, eager to please, incredibly needy and a little scaredy. Right now he’s lying as close to me as possible, snoring away in front of the fire. How lucky am I!?

Lloyd pondering in his paddock (Loy’s Paddock)
Lloyd “helping” me study
Lloyd after freaking out that the Yarra River is higher than it was yesterday after some rain. Required lots of running back into the river at high speed just to check.
I finally took the lids off the vegie boxes today (from when we converted them into seats for our wedding). I then went out for an hour, leaving the puppy all alone in the backyard. Apparently he can jump into the vegie boxes now.

One thought on “Lloyd

  1. Ah, yes… Well, would you rather have a zucchini or a Lloyd? I think Lloyds are more interesting and lovable, on the whole. And you’re right, he’s a gorgeous boy, and yes, I do think he needs a treat right now!

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